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of people over the age of 12 listen to the radio each week.



Why Radio Advertising?

Nielsen/Radio Advertising Bureau

of listeners say that ads on Christian radio make them want to buy what’s in the ad compared with 33% of radio listeners from all formats combined.

of those who consume Christian media in a given week listen to Christian talk & sermons on the radio.


Soma Communications

of Christian Radio listeners listen nearly every day.

Ambassador Advertising/Edison Research

Salem/Nielsen/Edison Study

of Christian radio listeners prefer to buy from a business that advertises on Christian radio.


Simmons Market Research

IFR's Christian talk radio stations in Boise are a great place to advertise. The time spent listening to Christian talk radio is greater than that of any other format of radio, and people who tune in to radio are more likely to think of you as part of the family. Our stations are always family-friendly and offer a variety of inclusive programming so that several members of the family will often be listening at the same time.


  • KBXL & KSPD ranked #2 in the Boise area for listeners 25-44 years of age

  • The median age of listeners is 35     

  • The median income of listeners is greater than $74,000+

  • More than 88,000 listeners every week aged 18+

  • 79% of listeners own their own home

  • Our median listeners are well-educated with Bachelors degrees or higher

2021 Media Audit


Star FM

Local radio reflects its audience in culture and interests. It promotes local events and distributes information relevant to the people who live there, keeping radio an important aspect of everyday life.


Advertising on local stations that reach remote areas like Cascade and McCall will let the audience in these areas know what lies within their reach for services and entertainment. Sometimes it's a drive into Boise to find it, but often these folks travel into the city to get supplies and enjoy activities that they cannot get in their area anyway.


Let them know that your business or event exists and get business you wouldn't have had otherwise!

  • Radio remains the most accessible media platform in America.

  • Advertising on the radio is the most cost-effective way to reach thousands of people in your area.

  • According to a 2019 Nielsen report, radio still holds the top spot for overall reach across all mediums.

You're in Charge!

  • Utilize our low-cost production services, or choose to produce your own ad at home.

  • Decide how much time you need for your advertising - up to 1 minute!

  • Invest more for the production of a longer ad to share more detail about your brand or product, or pay less for something short, sharp, and shiny.

  • Elect to run your ad during whatever time and frequency suits your brand and budget. Run your ad during peak listening times when more people are tuned in, or pay lower rates and run your ads when there may be fewer listeners. 

Prefer to Advertise on one of Our            Station Websites or here on IFR?

We would be happy to place your ad on our website! 

For digital media ads, you will need to send us the file containing the ad you'd like us to place. Prior to us placing the ad, you'll need to connect with our marketing representative to talk about where you'd like your ad to appear, on what websites, how much space you need, and how long you'd like your ad to run. Connect with our representative by emailing us at or using the contact form below. 

*All ads are subject to approval, whether audio or digital. Ask our representative for details.

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